How to block spam mail from Bet2day on Mac Mail

I recently received a bunch of spam from Bet2day (or and all of them were sent from different domains which makes it a hassle for Mac mail to blacklist them as junk. The mail has the following content (it’s in swedish, but I guess there’s one for pretty much any language):


Som chef hos Bet2day Casino har jag lagt märke till att många spelare rekommenderar oss till sina vänner.

Detta är något jag är mycket stolt över eftersom det innebär att spelare hos Bet2day vinner på en regelbunden basis!

Din vän Anna har tipsat oss om att du nog skulle vara intresserad av att spela hos Bet2day, så jag har beslutat att ge dig samma bonus som jag skickat till några av våra senaste storvinnare.

Spela hos Bet2day casino idag så får du en 200% bonus på din första insättning, vilket innebär att du TRIPPLAR ditt saldo med en gång!

Jag kan endast hålla bonusen öppen under begränsad tid, så ser till att du utnyttjar den medan du kan.

Testa idag och ta reda på hur mycket DU kan vinna!

Gå till casinot:

Lycka till!

Ryan Harding
Casino Manager

Easy steps for mac users to stop recieving mails from Ryan Harding.

  1. Open up your mail preferences

    Open up mail preferences on Mac Mail
  2. Add a rule

    Add a rule in order to block a spammer (or do something else)
  3. Set up following conditions
    1. If the Message Content contains Bet2Day, or
    2. If the Message Content contains, or
    3. If the Message Content contains Ryan Harding
    4. Then move it to your Spam folder (or why not the Trash folder?)

      If the spammers adds new links all you have to do is add those links
  4. When asked in the dialogue if you you want to apply the rules then, say yes.

I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial on how to block spam mails sent from different domains!

It seems like the site has been spam marked now, but that doesn’t seem to stop the spam bots.

Spammers don't stop just because the site is down. Robots just don't care....


Apperantly, there is some sort of bug/”feature” in Mac Mail that only apply rules to ”unseen” mail, e.g. mail you have seen on another device if you are using IMAP. I realised that (of course) my mail client on my Iphone don’t apply the rules I’ve set up on my desktop Mail client.

– So what’s the solution? Well, hooking up my mail account with Google Mail seem to be a good idea, if it wasn’t for the thing that I don’t want all my mail to handled by Google. One idea is to check if your mail service you are using provide any custom filtering.

Anyhow: This might at least decrease the spam on your desktop client. Hopefully it’s some help. 🙂