Generation Generate

I’ve been thinking a lot about tribes and generations on the Internet lately and I think it’s time for me to put some of my ideas in a post. Since most of the concepts and expression are formulated in English, I’ll stick to that in this post, in order to avoid mixed languages.

Most of my thoughts been about how users relates to content and context. Most of all is how the Internet generation, also known as Generation Z, is born into the technological landscape and there for doesn’t have to reflect about their role on the net. Their used to be contributes and producers of content, they doesn’t even consider whether if it’s appropriate to remix/mash others content in order to produce content of their own. They expect other to remix theirs.

All digital natives aren’t he same

To the Zed:s, all content are build stones. And with that perspective all content is somewhat under construction, since they are used to see content, software and sites evolve.In that way, they distance them self from the early digital natives, Generation X and Y, which are used to the technology, but not to evolving content. The mindset of X:s and Y:s sees the production of content as a task of prestige and responsibility, which earlier only been reserved for a (quite high) educated caste, like journalists and such. Producing and publish content is a skill they learned, but it’s not a part of their natural behavior.

That’s why I choose to name the natural content producers, Generation Generate.

Relationships to content

Jakob Nielsen describes in his article Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute the 90-9-1 theory. It’s focusing on sites that are user generated content, have a inequality in the way users contribute.
Most of the users, 90%, are lurkers and are just reading/using/viewing material. 9% of the people of such sites are commenting material or interact in some other way, while only 1% is contributors/producers of material.

Three trends I think we’re going to see:

Most likely there will be remodel of proportions in Nielsens 90-9-1 theory, when the natural content producers grows in numbers. All people that grows up in today’s/tomorrows technological landscape will be a part of the Internet environment, that encourage it’s population to contribute with content.

We will approach Generation Generate’s perspective of evolving content. Not because it’s a new and better way to relate to content. It’s because that’s the true nature of content and first now with help of technology are we able to allow it to be editable and mashable to everyone (if we choose it to be so).

The non-monetary currencies will rise in value. A likely way to reward content contributors is to give them even more of content. Perhaps not all content on the sites will be accessible to everyone and that ”special content” will be chipped out to the contributors. An example would be a movie studio that let some of Youtubes ”power-remixers/producers” do the trailers for their new movie. The raw-material are only accessible to the one that does a lot of remixing and the trailers they produce will generate social value for them.

Please note that this ain’t complete theories, but merely reflections of concepts I’ve come in contact with lately. If you have reflexions of your own, you’re more than welcome to join Neilsen’s 9 % and leave a comment below.