Any questions?


I stumbled upon a new service today. Well, actually it was more of a twitter poke, but – hey that’s how we roll today on the Interwebz. 😉 A service called TWanswers, provides you with the answers on almost every question. It searches through Yahoo!Answer and WikiAnswer to get an answer to your question. Sometimes you get the exact answer and sometimes you get an archieve similar questions. Continue reading Any questions?

Why are we followed? Micro blog Netiquette

peltor-noise-canceling-earfmuff-hearing-protectionGood news: A lot of companies have finally picked up micro blogging! Bad news: Some of them don’t have the slightest idea of why, but they are convinced that if they can reach out to everyone they should just do that. Reach out to everyone. And that’s a really bad idea.

Let me tell you why. Continue reading Why are we followed? Micro blog Netiquette

Broar mellan det digitala och analoga

Den gamla bilden av att det digitala och det analoga livet är åtskillda börjar tack och lov blekna. Vi är alla samma personer oavsett vilket medie vi figurerar i. Vissa finner det ena mediet bättre än det andra, men trenden går mot att vi värderar de båda världarna lika. Nätkompisar = Kompisar, alltså. Continue reading Broar mellan det digitala och analoga